Welcome to Albus&Co. I create high quality fine art and decor that seeks to add beauty and elegance to your home.

I believe that luxury doesn’t need to be something unattainable, rare, or uncommon. Luxury can lie in the way something is made, in its simplicity, how it is designed, or even, the way it makes us feel. This is what we strive to create; pieces that make your world a more beautiful and luxurious place.

I’ve always been very artistically driven, ever since I was young. I utilize a wide range of mediums, my favorite being acrylic. My work differs drastically, but is generally abstract, combining vivid colors and textures in each piece. I also enjoy crafting, creating props, designing and constructing costumes for a local theater company.
I am inspired and motivated by color, nature, fashion, my extremely supportive partner, and my cats.

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